Texas School Shooting 🔫

Credit:  Daniel Kramer/AFP/Getty Images

Credit: Daniel Kramer/AFP/Getty Images

The string continues

On Friday, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, carried out the latest in a string of 2018 school shootings at his high school in Santa Fe, Texas, near Houston. Eight students and two teachers were fatally shot with another 13 wounded. Police report that Pagourtzis has admitted to conducting the shooting.

No warning

According to multiple people who know Pagourtzis, he didn’t exhibit signs that would have led him to be flagged by authorities or reported by those around him. He is believed to have carried out the attack with his father’s weapons and was reported to have acted normally the day before the shooting.

The right approached the latest shooting in a few ways. Some outlets took to pointing out the harsh language emanating from some “celebrities,” people the right often associates with the far left, to show how inconsiderate the other side is. The right used the heated rhetoric from some celebrities to emphasize that their calls against the NRA and for gun control shouldn’t be taken seriously. The right also focuses on their consistent “thoughts and prayers message” with the specific addon of Texans coming together after the shooting.

The left attempts to tie the latest school shooting to larger trends at play. This includes comparing schools to combat zones and emphasizing that 2018 has been an exceptionally bad year for school shootings. The left also posits that the high number of school shootings has caused a shift towards a more fearful populace in America. Left-leaning articles use words such as “catastrophe” and “massacre” to describe the shooting, which can invoke stronger reactions from their readers than words such as “shooting” or “incident.”

Will anything change?

President Trump said that his “administration is determined to do everything in [their] power to protect our students.” Nancy Pelosi called for Congress to act to prevent gun violence. March for Our Lives organizers said, “not to sweep it under the rug.” The national reaction doesn’t seem as pronounced as after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, indicating that change is unlikely and that this really was ‘just another shooting’.

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