Michael Cohen Saga Continues 👛

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Pay to play?

Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen (famous for his $130k payment to Stormy Daniels) is facing more scrutiny for his business dealings. After Trump’s election victory, Cohen’s consultancy received $4M+ in consulting fees from private firms (AT&T, Novartis, and others) potentially seeking access to President Trump. One such payment came from a firm controlled by a Russian oligarch with ties to Vladimir Putin.

Stormy situation

On Tuesday, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, posted a document to Twitter detailing the suspicious payments to Cohen’s firm. The payments in question were paid to the same shell company from which Cohen paid Stormy Daniels.

The right is skeptical of accusations of Trump’s connections to Russia. The right views the latest flurry of accusations against Cohen as further proof that the media is working to bring down President Trump. Articles from the right point out that there were errors in the documents Michael Avenatti released. Some docs included transactions made by people named ‘Michael Cohen’ who are not Trump’s lawyer. The right also notes that firms routinely pay consultants for insight on government affairs - which isn’t necessarily corruption.

The left see Cohen’s financial history as further evidence of corruption and financial ties to Russia within Trump’s orbit. Articles from the left focus on the dissonance between Trump’s “drain the swamp” rhetoric and the apparent evidence of pay-to-play politics Cohen may be engaged in. And, Russia: articles from the left harp on the alleged payment to Cohen from a Russian oligarch as further evidence that Trump is somehow in cahoots with Putin.

Does the Trump Org run on Russian cash?

These newest revelations raise further questions about the Trump Organization’s financial ties to Russia. In the past, both Eric and Donald Jr. have alluded to financial support from Russia. Now it seems President Trump’s personal lawyer was potentially receiving money from Russia, too. Whether or not there are meaningful financial ties between the Trump Org and Russia is a question for Robert Mueller... 

Mueller searching for collusion like



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