Trump Foreign Policy: Flip or Flop 🔨

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Freedom at last

The good news: Kim Jong Un has released three Americans held for various ‘crimes’ in his political prison camps. The bad news: there are still 100,000 other individuals in the camps. Trump appears to be making headway with Kim Jong Un. The progress is setting up the summit between the two leaders to be a productive one. Trump’s primary goal will be to get Un to officially denuclearize.

Negotiation tactic

Un detained the three Americans without the slightest indication of letting them go. So, why now? One theory is that he's trying to “undermine the maximum pressure campaign” from America ahead of the summit. By releasing them, he is showing his willingness to negotiate while subtly chipping at Trump's ammo. Before Un released the prisoners, Trump could have demanded that Un commit to change. Now, however, Un may try to extend the timeline on North Korea’s denuclearization.

The right says the release of these Americans shows that Trump’s foreign policy strategy is working and that he is fixing many of the things previous presidents left broken. They also say that nixing the ‘rancid’ deal in Iran may have been the tipping point for Kim Jong Un, proving that Trump’s unusual methods are ‘fixing’ major world problems. They applaud him for not only setting up peace talks with NK but also for creating a dialogue between South Korea and North Korea.


The left says Trump is treating the release of the prisoners like a ‘gameshow’ instead of giving it the solemnity it deserves. They criticize Trump for using the prisoners as ‘political pawns’ in order to amp up support for his foreign policy. They believe he is jeopardizing the summit by publicly announcing the releases because it gives Un leverage, and puts Trump in a position of weakness. Lastly, they say that pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal was not a smart move and may prove to other nations that the U.S. is not trustworthy.

The calm before the storm?

Trump has truly made some headway in foreign policy. Getting the American prisoners free, opening up peace talks with hostile nations, and following through on his promises regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal are all important breakthroughs for the administration. However, it is important to realize that this could be the calm before the storm. In each situation, the ground that has been gained could be quickly lost. Trump's real test will be his upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un. 


Are we getting rick-rolled?!



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