Pres Talks Guns at NRA Convention 🔫


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The NRA held its annual conference in Dallas over the weekend. The speaker lineup was studded with prominent gun rights advocates, including President Trump and VP Pence. This is Trump’s 4th year speaking at the annual convention. He’s the first president since Reagan to speak there. As expected, gun control activists protested outside the convention.

Preaching to the choir

Trump’s speech covered many topics besides gun rights, including progress with North Korea and his adoration of Kanye West. He reaffirmed his commitment to gun rights to "never ever be under siege as long as I am your president."

The right supports Trump’s speech to protect the rights of gun owners. They feel more comfortable now after initially worrying about his seemingly softening attitude towards the 2nd amendment, following the recent high school shooting in FL. They believe they can rest assured that Trump is fully behind them and will fight for their rights.


The left criticizes Trump’s insensitive remarks about how France and Britain’s strict gun laws failed to prevent major terrorist attacks that occurred in the two countries. Another thing they point to is how his speech could have the opposite effect he intended to have. His unrelenting attack on gun control activists could motivate liberals more than conservatives, and provoke even more people to vote him out of office next election cycle.

Trump’s game plan

Gun control has become more of a hot-button issue after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Trump’s speech seems to indicate that he is doubling down on his pro-2nd amendment stance, a strategy he may ramp up heading into the midterm elections. It will be a good opportunity for him to rile up his base and capitalize on their emotions in the voting booth.  


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