Make America Great, 808s, and Heartbreak 🎶


Yeezy in a MAGA hat

On Wednesday, Kanye West and President Trump traded public pleasantries on Twitter, capping off a spree of Pro-Trump remarks from Kanye. In addition to asserting that both he and President Trump are “dragon energy”, Kanye was spotted in a MAGA hat (even freestyling with one on for TMZ)

Can’t tell him nothing

Ye’s celebrity friends were heartless. Snoop Dogg and Jordan Peele both suggested that Kanye’s body was being controlled by someone else a la the plot of Get OutKumail Nanjiani called it the worst day in Twitter history, and John Legend texted Kanye to implore him to reconsider supporting Trump (Kanye then tweeted out the text exchange).


The right sees Kanye as a hero, a would-be member of the liberal elite who is courageous enough to publically voice support for the President - and stand his ground in the face of considerable blowback. Articles from the right tie Kanye’s support of Trump to narratives about “thought policing” (e.g., “liberals, esp on campuses, don’t allow conservative ideas to be expressed”, etc). To the right, Kanye is a free-thinker who is breaking with the liberal elites to speak the truth and praise Donald Trump.

The left minimizes the significance of Kanye’s support for Trump. Articles from the left offer possible motivations, suggesting Ye may be in a period of mental instability or may be positioning himself for a presidential run of his own. Other motivations include drumming up publicity prior to the release of upcoming albums (he is a master of fame, like the president, after all).

It was Bound 2 happen

While this week’s tweets were Kanye’s clearest and loudest expression of Trump love, he has never hidden his affection for the president. In 2015, Kanye voiced support for Trump at a concert; in 2016, he visited Trump Tower; and Trump’s likeness is featured in the 2016 video for Kanye’s Famous.



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