The Facebook Dating Game 💑


FB announces dating service

Earlier this week at F8, Facebooks' annual developer conference, the company introduced FaceDate, a free dating service that will leverage FB user data to play matchmaker on the platform.

Don’t worry, your grandma won’t see your profile

Dating profiles will be completely separate from regular FB profiles and users will have to opt-in to create a dating profile for the service. FaceDate users won’t be matched with people they know (phew!).

Other new features and initiatives

  • Users can now vote on the trustworthiness of outlets publishing on FB to weed out fake news
  • A “Clear History” feature will allow users to erase info about apps and websites they’ve interacted with on FB
  • AI tools to recognize objects in images on FB and stitch 2D images into 3D spaces are in development

The Fans see this F8 as proof of Facebook’s power and resilience. Even in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, they argue, the conference was packed and attendees were psyched. And, more importantly, FB demonstrated that it’s still charging forward with new features without worrying too much about the scandal.


The Haters mostly harp on FB’s lack of focus on data security following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Articles unimpressed with the announcements wonder if unveiling services that will allow FB to gather more user data (ie. FaceDate) and more powerful, AI-driven data processing tools are appropriate given FB’s recent violation of user trust.

Will FB linking help you find love?

FaceDate may have some challenges. Will users trust Facebook enough to hand over intimate data about their lives? Will users want to find dates on the same platform they get birthday wishes from their grandmothers? Investors are optimistic. The stock price for Match Group (owner of, Tinder, OKCupid and other dating sites) dropped 20% on the FaceDate announcement.

Zuck the matchmaker



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