Trump Tosses His Script 🗑️


Talking points are boring! Sad.

At a tax reform roundtable event in West Virginia yesterday, President Trump unexpectedly deviated from his prepared speech, telling the crowd: “This was going to be my remarks...this is boring. Come on. We have to say, tell it like it is.”

Playing the hits

Instead of talking tax reform, the President discussed a number of issues that resonate with his base: criticism of family-based migration and the diversity visa lottery program, his promise to build a southern border wall, and his insistence that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election.

Party foul?

Trump was flanked by two Republican Senate candidates who will challenge Democratic W. Va. Senator Joe Manchin in the midterms. Republican strategists believe touting the successful passage of tax reform is the best way to get more Republicans into office in 2018. By going off message at this event, Trump went against the party’s strategy.

The right stresses the president’s ability to rally and energize his base. Articles from the right imply that Trump was clever to toss the scriptand talk about topics that his supporters care about. It’s evidence of his natural ability to read a room and connect with his audience, they say. Some coverage on the right acknowledges that the fiery rhetoric may alienate center-right voters leading up to 2018.


The left mostly focuses on Trump’s repeated false claim that illegal votes were cast against him in 2016. For the left, throwing out the script, ‘rambling’ off-topic at an event about tax reform, and doubling down on a lie is further evidence that Trump is unfit to lead.

Better to have read the script?


First things first: the voter fraud claim the president reiterated yesterday is false. He probably shouldn’t have said that - though his core base may not care. To protect Republican seats in 2018, talking up tax reform is probably the right plan: a majority of Americans now approve of the law. For love of the party, Trump probably should avoid the divisive rhetoric until after 2018, if he can...

When Trump gets a script



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