Rudy Can’t Fail 🙏


You're in Rudy!

Yesterday, the White House announced that Rudy Giuliani - former NYC mayor and U.S. attorney and longtime Trump supporter - is joining the president’s legal team.

What about Bob?

According to the president, Giuliani has been brought on to “quickly resolve” the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference for “the good of the country”. The consensus in the press is that Trump will have to sit for an interview with Mueller to expedite the investigation. Giuliani will likely negotiate the terms of such an interview.

The right sees the hiring of Giuliani as President Trump “beefing up” his legal team against an unnecessarily protracted investigation into the 2016 election (NO COLLUSION!). The right references Giuliani’s reputation for “excellence and integrity”. They also believe that the addition of Rudy really will bring a swifter end to Mueller’s investigation.


The left frames this story as proof that President Trump can't find a legal team willing to defend him in the Mueller investigation. Articles argue Giuliani is good on TV and willing to stridently defend the president. However, he hasn’t practiced law in any meaningful capacity since 1989. For the left, hiring Giuliani is evidence of the president’s desperation: Trump hasn’t been able to get a skilled lawyer to fill the place of John Dowd after he quit last month, so he's turning to an old political ally who happens to be an attorney.

So is Rudy right for the job?

He may be the perfect fit for Trump: loyal, vocal, cantankerous, and willing to go on cable TV shows. However, he hasn’t been a federal attorney for decades. He probably won’t bring a magic bullet to Trump’s legal defense against Mueller. And will it really matter? The consensus seems to be that the president faces more legal risk from the NY investigation that raided his attorney’s office than he does from the Mueller investigation. 



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