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Knocking on the door

Remember the caravan of Central American migrants looking for refuge? Well, after a one month journey, they’ve officially arrived at the U.S.’s doorstep. They’ve stationed themselves right outside the San Ysidro border crossing located in San Diego, where they will be seeking asylum. Need the background info? We covered it here!

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The migrant group started out with ~1,500 refugees from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Around 200 of them ended up making it to the border crossing. Border officials are saying the port of entry is already at full capacity. As a result, they won’t be able to process asylum requests until the backlog clears up, leaving the refugees questioning what will happen next.   

The right views this caravan as a sign of weak immigration laws and porous U.S. borders. They point to instances of people from the caravan climbing the border wall and illegally entering the U.S., which the right sees as evidence of migrants’ lack of respect for border/immigration laws. In his recent Michigan rally, Trump criticized the caravan and tweeted how it was further justification to build an effective border wall. 


The left is skeptical of claims that the border port can’t fit just 200 people into its facilities.They contend U.S. Customs and Border Protection knew the migrants were coming and failed to adequately prepare to process them. They also refute Trump’s claims of the caravan representing a larger trend of an “invasion” of the southern border, with the left citing record low amounts of illegal crossings.

The road ahead

The road to successfully being granted asylum is a long and arduous one. If the refuge seekers eventually get processed, they have to go through a long interview process where a determination will be made if they legitimately face persecution in their home country. It could take months or even years before their asylum request gets processed. If they lose their asylum case, the government can order their deportation.  


Government lines



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