Trump’s VA Pick in Hot Water 😟


Bad news for Team Trump

Trump’s cabinet woes continue. The latest drama? His new pick for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Ronny Jackson, is facing allegations about his previous work behavior. Jackson was the President’s personal physician and before that was a rear admiral in the navy.

What he did

The allegations include fostering a "hostile work environment", "excessive drinking on the job", and "improperly dispensing meds".  Because of this hullabaloo, Jackson's Senate confirmation hearing, originally set for Wednesday, is postponed indefinitely.  

The right believes Jackson's candidacy is still viable and should not be thrown out because of these allegations, which Johnson denies. They praise Jackson's desire to not back down and fight these allegations. Trump in particular stands by him. The right points to his record of strong, decisive leadership, as well as to Obama’s glowing performance review of Jackson when he was White House physician in the Obama administration.


The left believes Trump had this coming to him. They see the President as someone who doesn’t place a lot of emphasis on properly vetting his nominees, instead relying purely on gut instinct on whether or not he likes the person. They also reiterate concerns they raised when Jackson was first named as Trump’s pick about him not having the managerial experience needed to lead a department as big and important as the Department of Veterans Affairs.

What now?

White House sources say Trump and Jackson had a constructive meeting where the President urged his VA pick to keep fighting to win the nomination. The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee is currently reviewing the allegations. Their decision to give him a favorable or unfavorable recommendation will impact his confirmation vote by the Senate.



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