Supreme Court Considers Trump's Ban 🚫

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Trump has tried to ban citizens of several countries from traveling to the U.S., but Hawaii is not having it. The blacklisted nations are predominantly Muslim, and were banned for 90 days in 2017 on account of a ‘heightened terrorism risk’. Hawaii is contesting the legality of Trump's ban. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding the case on April 25th. The case will review the President’s power regarding national security and whether he has violated the Establishment Clause in the constitution.

The court's take

The Supreme Court will have a hard time condemning Trump for his actions in the travel ban. There is a strong precedent in the Supreme Court for allowing the Executive Branch nearly free reign in the area of ‘national security’. They must prove that Trump is different from other presidents if they want to rule against him.

The right focuses on public support for the travel ban. The articles focus on the fact that ‘even California supports the ban’, based on research by the Haas Institute. Half of the California residents surveyed are in support of a travel ban, and 59% support deportation. The right argues that the American people, including liberal states like California, support the travel ban, and that their voice needs to be heard.


The left is calling attention to the “bitter” history of this type of ban. They say it is typically used as camouflage for bigotry and racism, and that later generations demand apologies because the govt hurts innocent people in issuing the ban. They also call this a ‘personal test’ for Trump. The court will have to rule on whether he is like or unlike previous presidents, and if he needs more regulations, which could hurt his public image.

'Travel' ban vs 'Immigrant' ban

You may have noticed that the left calls this an ‘immigrant ban’, whereas the right calls it a ‘travel ban’. This highlights the disagreement between the political sides because they are in conflict on what the ban is about. Is the ban hurting immigrants and based on religious bias? Or is the ban protecting Americans from potential terrorists? The right is trying to get readers to distance themselves from the situation and see this as a protective measure that Americans agree on. The left is trying to turn people off to the idea of the ban by making the ‘immigrants’ personal.



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