Rocket Man Giving Up Rockets? 😱


Halting nukes

The North Korean Supreme Leader has spoken. North Korea said it will be halting all nuclear tests and shutting down a nuclear facility. They’ve pledged to work unilaterally in order to establish a peaceful and stable Korean peninsula. Is this announcement of denuclearization a farce or a fact? Read on below.

The backdrop

This sudden announcement comes right before Kim Jong Un is scheduled to hold major summits with other foreign countries. He is to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in this Friday and with Trump in June. Trump’s CIA Director pick Mike Pompeo already met with Kim to help set the stage for the US-North Korea meeting.

The right sees this announcement as a major victory. They see Kim Jong Un’s current peace-seeking rhetoric as major progress compared to the typical belligerent behavior. They believe the harsh economic sanctions Trump has placed on North Korea have forced Kim Jong Un’s hand into focusing more on improving his country’s economic conditions, a goal the right believe Kim is willing to make concessions for.  


The left believes this is an all too familiar ploy North Korea has used many times before to lull other countries into a false sense of hope in exchange for concessions (relief from economic sanctions, for instance). They’re skeptical this will lead to actual denuclearization, pointing to past instances of North Korea breaking its promises to reign in nuclear weapons activity.

Is the North Korea threat completely gone?

More information will likely surface after Trump’s meeting with Kim, where hopefully details about the extent to which North Korea is dedicated to denuclearization will be fleshed out. Right now, North Korea’s true intentions are still unclear. For example, the announcement makes clear they’ve halted their nuclear missile tests but doesn’t explicitly say anything about removing the threat of nuclear missiles that Kim claims they already have in their possession. 


"Rocket man"



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