Democrats’ Heat Check 🌡️


Losing momentum

According to a new poll by the Washington Post and ABC News, House Democrats seem to be losing momentum heading into the midterm elections

The digits

According to the poll , 47% of voters said they would vote for the Democratic candidate in their district, versus 43% who say they would vote for the Republican district candidate. Although Democrats still hold a 4% advantage, the gap has narrowed considerably since January, when the margin was 12 percentage points. Much of the reversal can be attributed to Trump’s rise in approval ratings from 36% to 40%.

The right sees a bunch of trends for Republicans as well. They are optimistic that voter turnout trends and the left’s recent policy positions, such as their increasing hardline view on gun reform, will play out in the Republicans’ favor. They see the left as wanting to focus more narrowly on pandering to their progressive base instead of America as a whole. They are confident they can put up a good fight against the Democrats in the upcoming election.


The left is still encouraged by a variety of different factors. Key special election victories in PA and AL are still a sign of their momentum strength. Demographic data indicates a more ethnically diverse voter base than ever, which helps Democrats. Plus, Trump’s approval figures remain historically low despite his recent improvement. They say that it is too early for the Democrats to start worrying. Instead, they’re optimistic of the general trend that Democrat enthusiasm is growing.

November is coming

Historically, a president’s party doesn’t do well in midterm elections. Only 3 times in the past 84 years has a president’s party increased their seats in the House. However, Trump is known to defy odds. We’ll see if he bucks the trend this time. Both sides are gearing up for battle, each confident in their respective positions. 


The missile strategy



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