Bombs Over Syria 💥


Lit up

The U.S. and a coalition of its allies (France and Britain) unleashed a flurry of missile attacks against Syria Friday night. It targeted 3 sites linked to Syria’s chemical weapons programs. No American troops were killed, and civilian casualties are still unknown.

Naughty Assad

The missile strikes were a response to reports of Syrian President Bashar-al Assad using internationally banned chemical weapons against civilians. At least 48 people (including children) were killed and more than 500 were treated for symptoms.

The right defends the legality of the airstrikes against Syria. They also believe this airstrike sends a clear, strong message that there will be consequences for using chemical weapons. The Trump administration framed the entire missile strike as a perfectly executed operation, claiming that although not all of the chemical manufacturing sites were destroyed, Assad will think long and hard before committing another chemical attack.


The left says Trump lacks a clear, coherent strategy for dealing with Syria. To them, a comprehensive plan has to involve more than just a one-off missile strike, and so far, Trump has no long-term strategy.They believe that, under law,Trump should have asked for Congressional approval before conducting the military operation. Also, they claim that the recent strikes will do little to prevent Assad from committing chemical attacks in the future.

Will this work?

The question now is whether this air strike has sent a strong enough message to Assad and his allies (Russia, most notably) to stop using chemical weapons. Trump already ordered an airstrike against Syria last year after another chemical weapons attack on civilians. Since then, there have been around 7 more incidents of Assad using chemical weapons. Trump has pledged to turn up the pressure on Syria through diplomatic and economic means as well. 


The missile strategy



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