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Party of one, please

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey publicly endorsed a left-leaning blog post that called for an end to bipartisan politics (aka our two-party system). The post emphasizes how the current political system is leaving the country “paralyzed” with two parties unwilling to work together. It also says the current political environment is reminiscent of the Civil War. 

California the savior?

The authors of the blog post suggest California as a model, a state where the Democratic party is running the show. They argue that one party is much more effective at getting things done for the citizens, rather than being stuck in gridlock.

Leaning Left:

Medium: California Is The Future: The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War

The right believes this idea is crazy, despotic and proves that tech firms are biased. They see this as a blatant attempt to silence Republicans - who make up roughly half the population. They attack the left’s glamorization of California’s one-party domination, saying the Golden State is heavily in debt and filled with problems. Oh and don't forget the massive homelessness problem in LA and SF. 


The left-leaning authors contend that the current two party system has led to an inefficient government and that a single party would solve the deeply divided political system. They blame the Republican party for its outdated ideas which are holding America back from solving its 21st-century issues. According to the authors, the presence of a dominant, Democratic party would move the country forward without worrying about another party stalling progress.

Why is this important?

This has once again raised concerns about Dorsey’s political agenda and whether or not he's injecting his views into Twitter. The platform has been taking a more active approach in suspending some users for hate speech, but it puts the company in an awkward position of being the final decider of what is considered hate speech. Naturally, the potential for bias comes up and apparently Jack isn't worried about letting his be known. 


Here come the conspiracies...



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