Immigration Debate Re-ignited 🔥


Immigration's a national headline again

The President took to Twitter to make his latest case on the failures of the U.S immigration system. He talked about the need to build a wall along the Mexican border, how Mexico needs to better enforce its border laws and threatened to kill any DACA deal.

What caused this?

Trump’s tweets seem to be in response to a large caravan of immigrants moving through Mexico, some who are looking to enter the U.S. The 1,200+ migrants are organized by ‘People Without Borders’, an org that wants to help people escape poverty and persecution in their native country by helping them seek asylum in countries like Mexico and the U.S.

The right says Democrats purposefully didn’t want to reach a compromise on DACA. The right is also frustrated with what they view as poor border laws in the US, and blame Democrats for preventing ICE agents and border patrol from properly doing their job to enforce immigration law. The caravans are seen by Trump as evidence that Mexico needs to better enforce their border laws, and America needs to step up its game on illegal immigrants.


The left blames Trump for shutting down DACA negotiations, even though the Democrats had agreed to concessions, including funding for the border wall. They also criticize his attack on the migrants traveling in the caravan, saying he’s using them as a fear-mongering tactic to pander to his voter base. Instead, the left frame the migrants as honest people looking for prospects of a better life - not criminals who want to smuggle drugs into the US.

The method behind the madness

Trump might be ramping up the heat on immigration in an effort to rile up his GOP base before the midterm elections in Nov. There's been plenty of talk about Republicans losing their majority in Congress, but Trump is determined to retain their lead. He's stated that his strategy for the midterms will center around getting his voters to see just how weak the Democrats’ stance on immigration is. 


Media is back on the immigration coverage workout



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