Sec. of Veterans Affairs is Out 🚪


Here today, gone tomorrow

After serving as Secretary of Veterans Affairs for a little over a year, David Shulkin is out of a job. Dr. Shulkin was a holdover from the Obama administration. He was originally appointed as Under Secretary of the VA in 2015 by Obama. The White House says he resigned. Shulkin says they fired him because he wouldn't privatize the VA. Anywho, White House physician Ronny Jackson has been tapped to replace him.

A rarity

While most Trump cabinet members have had it rough being confirmed by the Senate, Shulkin was the only appointee unanimously approved (100-0). 

Leaning Right:

Wall Street Journal: A Trump Choice for Veterans

Washington Examiner: Exit swampy Shulkin

The right believes privatizing health care for veterans will provide them with more options and view Shulkin as a roadblock towards that goal. They also point to his alleged misuse of VA funds as a primary reason for his firing. An investigation by the Inspector General revealed how he and his wife took a taxpayer-funded trip to London, where they spent plenty of time on private leisure over work. While there, he was gifted tickets to Wimbledon, which is a violation of a rule that prohibits gifts to gov’t employees.


The left contends that Jackson, the new guy, doesn’t have the necessary experience to manage this complex agency. Shulkin believes his enemies used dirty tactics to force him out only because he was opposed to the privatization of veterans’ health care. The left believes privatization is a political tool that will reward a select few and put 9 million vets at risk of crappy healthcare.

What now?

Ronny Jackson, currently Trump's personal physician at the WH, still has to be vetted by the Senate before officially taking over. Watch to see if Jackson has what it takes to manage the country’s second largest agency that has a poor reputation in need of repair. He might not have the political or managerial experience, but he does have the rapport and President’s trust in a way that Shulkin never did.


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