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McMaster strikes out

The Trump administration staff shakeup continues with another high profile exit. National Security Advisor H.R. McMcaster, a well-respected three-star general, is out. John Bolton has been tapped to be the new National Security Advisor.

More about the new guy

Bolton is a frequent Fox News contributor and was previously Ambassador to the U.N. under George W. Bush’s administration. He’s known in the political community as a “hawk”, meaning someone who favors military intervention in foreign affairs. As usual, some are digging the pick, while others are hating. 

The right views Bolton as an excellent choice who is skilled at cutting through slow bureaucracies and knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently. They believe that the left’s claims that he is a warmonger are over exaggerated. Rather, he is a realist who is able to lay out all possible actions. Also, they point out how the left accuses the Trump administration of being in cahoots with Russia, but Bolton is anything but a fan of Russia.


The left views Bolton as a warmonger with dangerous ideas about how to deal with America’s foreign problems. Whereas Tillerson and McMaster were seen as somewhat stabilizing influences to Trump, they see Bolton as someone who will encourage Trump to let loose his reckless side. They point to Bolton’s hard-line stance of wanting to pull out of the Iran nuclear dealand preemptively strike North Korea, Syria, and Libya in order to force a regime change.

Trump's master plan

With the recent addition of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and now Bolton as National Security Advisor, it looks like Trump is getting the cabinet he’s always wanted and finally surrounding himself with people who better align with his own views. Now, he can better expect his cabinet to be on board with his decisions and more fully committed to his vision. On a side note, look to see how the North Korea situation plays out now that Bolton has the President’s ear. Trump and Kim Jong Un are slated to meet, but does Bolton and his hard-line North Korea views throw a wrench into the works? Stay tuned...


Bolton's Reputation



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