The FBI purge continues ⚔️


The FBI Deputy Director is fired

First, FBI Director Comey got the ax and now it's the Deputy. The #2 at the FBI, Andrew McCabe, was fired on Friday by AG Jeff Sessions - just two days before his scheduled retirement. Jeff's reason? An internal FBI investigation conducted by the Inspector General revealed that McCabe had been dishonest about his role in a probe of the Clinton Foundation. Sound vague? It is. The report hasn't been released yet. 

The timeline

After FBI Director James Comey was pushed out last May, McCabe became the acting director until Trump put Christopher Wray in charge. McCabe became deputy again and announced in January that he would be retiring on March 18th, his 50th birthday. Retiring on or after this date would allow him to receive his retirement pension. Welp.

The right believe McCabe’s firing was totally justified. They note that Jeff Sessions made the decision based on a non-partisan investigation by the Inspector General. Some on the right believe the Republicans who disagree with the firing might as well be 'deep state' officials looking to undermine the president. The right also point out that McCabe's wife has strong ties to Democrats. She was able to raise $780K from some sources tied to the Clintons. They believe this corroborates their narrative of corrupt leadership at the FBI.


The left point to the pettiness of firing McCabe 26 hours before he was set to receive a lifetime pension. They emphasize how even Republicans such as Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham were against it. The left believe this decision was politically motivated and was meant to discredit McCabe as a witness if he is called to testify for Mueller. This is further evidence to them that the president is trying to undermine Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Connecting the dots

This chapter fits into the drama-filled saga that is the Russia investigation. If what was reported in the internal investigation is true, it gives Trump further evidence that everyone’s just out to get him. It's also worth noting that the Inspector General who led McCabe's investigation was an Obama appointee. However, if Trump has nothing to hide in regards to Russia, his behavior and tweets certainly don't make it seem that way.


Trump's lawyers:



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