Out with the Old, In with the New 🔁


Rex, you're fired!

After a little more than a year of being in office, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s out of a job. If confirmed by the Senate, CIA director Mike Pompeo will replace him as America’s top diplomat.


Although Trump maintains they have a good working relationship, he cites differences in their approach to foreign policy as the reason why Tillerson got the axe. They’ve reportedly clashed on many foreign policy issues and have contradicted each other in public. Oh, and how can we forget about that time Tillerson reportedly called Trump a ‘moron’. On top of all this, Tillerson has been criticized for his poor management of the State Department.

The right view Tillerson’s replacement as a strong conservative and staunch Trump ally. His foreign policy stance is aligned with Trump’s, which they believe will allow the Department to better carry out its duties. The right dispute the media’s portrayal of an unstable White House. They believe this firing is good and allows Trump to build the right cabinet that will be committed to enacting the policies he promised.


The left is already looking for faults in the soon to be Secretary of State Pompeo, whose hardline foreign policy stance is worrying to them. They saw Tillerson as someone who provided a rationale voice to Trump’s sometimes irrational foreign policy aspirations. With Pompeo on board, the left see Trump and his new Secretary of State pursuing a dangerous foreign policy course.

What should we expect?

Expect the US to be more active on the foreign policy front now that Trump and his Secretary of State are on the same wavelength. They both strongly oppose the Iran nuclear deal and are expected to take a stronger stance against world powers like Russia and China, for better or for worse.


Pompeo in his first cabinet meeting with Trump



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