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President Trump with GOP congressional candidate Rick Saccone

President Trump with GOP congressional candidate Rick Saccone

Rallying cry

The president held a rally in Pennsylvania to campaign for Republican Rick Saccone in what’s expected to be a tightly contested Congressional special election in PA. Trump’s speech also covered a whole host of other issues, giving us a sneak peek into his future campaign message.

The deets

Here's part of the laundry list of things he covered in his rally:

  • Endorsed Saccone for the congressional seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th district
  • Expressed a desire to impose the death penalty for drug dealers
  • Attacked leftist news media (calling NBC host Chuck Todd “a sleeping son a b****”) [WATCH]
  • He would beat Oprah in an election if she were to run for POTUS
  • Revealed his campaign slogan for 2020: “Keep America Great Again!”

The right believe Trump’s off script method of handling speeches is more effective than a highly scripted boring speech. His audience responds well to it and it’s what helped him get elected. They believe Trump’s public endorsement of Saccone will fire up voters and drive Saccone to victory.


The left criticize what they saw as 75 minutes of insults and provocative language. They point out that while the speech was meant to rally people behind Saccone, most of it was dominated by self-praise. They also caveat one of Trump’s statements about winning 52% of female voters by noting that he won 52% of white female voters, but only 41% of women overall.

A Trump boost?

While the race is tight, the president is popular in this part of the country and can be effective in swaying voters. It’s worth mentioning that 33-year-old Democrat Conor Lamb has also brought out the big guns, having former VP Joe Biden speak at one of his rallies. Trump’s actual speech revealed how he might run his reelection campaign: focusing on how he has made America great so far, and his desire to “Keep America Great Again!”


Trump with a script



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