Sound the Alarms: ICE is Coming! 🚨

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf

Oakland mayor spills the beans

After receiving notice that ICE would soon conduct a raid, mayor Libby Schaaf tipped off the immigrant community in Oakland to the ICE operation. Many were able to slip past ICE because of Schaaf’s early warnings, but overall the raid led to 232 arrests of illegal immigrants in the San Francisco area.

The right is outraged that Mayor Schaaf’s actions impeded the efforts of a federal operation to enforce immigration law. They believe this should count as “obstruction of justice” and blasted the mayor’s irresponsibility. They say that of the 232 arrests, 115 were convicted criminals with records of assault, murder, drug trafficking, or sex offenses. Furthermore, they believe many of the 864 illegal immigrants who evaded ICE might have had a criminal record, but are now on the loose.

The left defends Mayor Schaaf’s actions as honorable and brave. Schaaf claims she was simply doing her duty to protect the large immigrant population in her jurisdiction. The left believes ICE raids are unfair and criticize what they see as ICE breaking apart families and spreading widespread fear in immigrant neighborhoods. Mayor Schaaf and the left want to maintain sanctuary status for illegal immigrants in liberal cities across the country.

Did the mayor step out of line?

The Department of Justice is reportedly investigating this whole ordeal and could be looking to charge Schaaf for obstruction of justice. If charges are filed against her, it could be a message to mayors of other sanctuary cities that this behavior will not be tolerated. Despite her personal beliefs, Schaaf came in the way of a legal federal raid. 


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