Breaking up with the NRA 💔


The exodus of companies
Facing immense pressure on social media from gun rights activists, major corporations are breaking up with the NRA. #BoycottNRA blew up on Twitter, demanding companies to end partnerships with the organization. Amazon and Apple TV are also under fire for carrying the NRA TV channel on their live streaming platforms.

The short list
Sponsors who cut ties include Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz, Symantec and First National Bank of Omaha. Previously, these companies offered various discounts and perks to NRA members on items such as credit cards, car rentals and life insurance.

The right, and the NRA, say they are not deterred from their mission. They believe these companies are bowing to pressures from the left in a “shameful display of political and civic cowardice”. Nevertheless, they are confident that other brands who care about what the NRA stands for will take the place of the brands that left. Also, in regards to NRA TV, they believe the channel is protected under free speech, and accuse the left of undermining their constitutional right.

The left praises the boycotts and is actively campaigning for more companies to distance themselves from the NRA. They believe that the NRA and its unwavering stance on gun laws is shameful. They hope other companies realize that doing business with the NRA is alienating a significant portion of their customers.

What to make of the boycotts
The NRA boycotts are a testament to the power of social media to mobilize a nation-wide movement quickly. However, it is unlikely the NRA will lose many members due to the boycott. NRA members strongly identify with what the org stands for, and are very loyal to it. Also, it is important for Apple and Amazon to think carefully about what to do with NRA TV. If the channel gets pulled from their platforms, it could set a dangerous precedent of removing content simply because they don't agree with the message. 


Companies aborting the NRA ship



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