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Healthy fast food?
McDonald’s announced big changes to their kid’s menu in an effort to make them healthier. By 2022, all Happy Meals will be 600 calories or less and have no more than 650mg of salt. In addition, the cheeseburger will be available only upon request, the fry portion will be reduced and Mickey D’s is cutting chocolate milk out completely.

Will this work? 
McDonald’s launched a healthier grilled chicken option in Italy last month, which has been met with relative success and customer approval. If the same holds true for healthier Happy Meals in the US, the public image benefits may outweigh any negative backlash the company may receive.

McDonalds critics argue that these cuts do not make the food itself healthy. There are still burgers, fries and fried chicken nuggets in the kid-targeted meals. The changes do not “transform [them] into health foods.” They point out that while a 600 calorie meal might be better than what is currently offered, it is still excessive for children according to The Dietary Guidelines for AmericansStudies have also shown that “healthy” fast food options are not raising fast-food-chain’s low scores on the HEI (Healthy Eating Index), which evaluates healthy choices on restaurant menus.

McDonald’s visionaries see these menu changes as an “important step in the right direction”. They say that since 40% of McDonald’s customers order Happy Meals, lowering the calories, sugar and salt in these meals will have massive health benefits. Visionaries also note McDonald’s successful baby carrot and “cutie” tangerine side options and their new vegetable initiative in Australia and France.

Health benefits or not really? 
McDonald’s is certainly trying to raise the bar by adding fruits, vegetables and grilled chicken options. However, none of these menu revisions change the fact that McDonalds is a fast food chain. They still serve the classic greasy, fried foods, and serving them in smaller portions doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t good for you. McDonalds may be getting ‘healthier’, but that doesn’t make it ‘healthy’ for you.


I can eat unhealthy just fine w/o McDonald's



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