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The Clinton cameo
Hillary made a video cameo appearance at the Grammys on Sunday. She, along with other star-studded celebs including Snoop Dogg, John Legend and Cher, were filmed in a skit taking turns reading excerpts from Fire and Fury[watch it].

Remember it?
Fire and Fury was the controversial book that painted the president and his White House in a not so flattering light. Controversial because it was unclear how much of it was true.

What did they read aloud?
Trump’s love for McDonald’s and cheeseburgers in bed, along with other embarrassing details in the book. The whole ordeal deal caused a fuss over whether or not the Grammys were too politicized.

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The right accuses the left of bringing politics into everything. They believe that certain aspects of American culture such as sports (NFL anthem protests) and entertainment should be left for people to enjoy without being bombarded by politics. The right also points to recent allegations against Clinton that say she had allowed one of her top aides to stay on her team during the 2008 presidential election, after he was accused of sexual harassment. In fact, they say, Clinton had actively tried to protect him. Thus, the right accuse Clinton of hypocrisy, saying she has no right to call out Trump for being racist or sexist.

The left emphasizes how there is nothing wrong with injecting politics into pop culture. In the context of music, they say that artists are allowed to have other interests besides making music, politics included. It is their interests in these areas that gives feeling behind their music and inspires them to create. They argue that musicians incorporating politics into their music are raising awareness to and opening up a dialogue on many important issues.

Should politics and culture be intertwined?
At the end of the day, artists should be allowed to express themselves however they want. There is no doubt that pop culture can be an effective tool for raising awareness on a topic. But it’s also important to make sure that one side does not drown out the other. It’s only by hearing all sides of an argument that the truth can be discovered. But fret not, we got your back. It’s what News Bling is here for. 


Hillary reading Fire and Fury



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