I got 99 problems… and Trump ain't one 🎶


What’s the deal?
In an interview on CNN, rap mogul Jay-Z opened up about his thoughts on the political climate under Trump. In short, he wasn’t a fan. He called out Trump’s comments about “shithole countries”, calling the president uninformed and his rhetoric “disappointing”. When asked whether Trump’s economic victories mattered, Jay Z said that at the end of the day, money does not matter as much as happiness. He doesn’t think Trump made the black community better or a whole lot happier.

The President’s response
Trump fired back by tweeting how unemployment among black people is at its lowest point in history.

trump tweet.png

The right claim it is a result of Trump’s policies that black Americans are doing well in this red hot economy. They believe Trump should get the credit for low black unemployment. Also, in response to Jay Z’s comment downplaying Trump’s economic victories and saying happiness is greater than money, the right say, “Easy for you to say - you’re worth $900 million.”


The left point to Trump’s history of calling out famous black Americans (victims include Jay Z, Colin Kaepernick, Obama, Steph Curry). They view this as another example of Trump criticizing a person of color for mistakes he himself made. They also claim that even though black unemployment is at a historical low, the credit goes to Obama, not Trump. Even then, they say, black Americans still earn significantly less money than the white population.




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