7-Eleven 2.0 🤔


What’s the deal?
Amazon has officially pulled back the curtains on its much hyped about convenience store concept. Think of it as basically a 7-Eleven on steroids. It’s called Amazon Go, and here’s how it works. You first check into the store by scanning your phone using the Amazon Go app. Then, you place any items you want in a bag. When you’re done shopping, you walk right out of the store, and your Amazon account will automatically be charged. No cashiers, no long checkout lines.

Prepare for a list of techy buzzwords
 The company is able to achieve this innovation through its use of “computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning.” If you’re like most of us, you’re probably scratching your head wondering what you just read . Basically, the store is filled with cameras and sensors that are able to analyze your every movement and track what items you pick up. A bit creeped out? Some definitely are. Keep reading to find out why.

Amazon Go optimists say this will revolutionize the retail experience in a way that makes it much more convenient for consumers. They say this innovation helps save customers a ton of time, and won’t actually spell doom for those working in retail. Yes, there won’t be any cashiers anymore, but there will be even better jobs replacing it. For example, in the Amazon Go store itself, there were still be employees stocking shelves, helping customers with technical problems, and even cooks making fresh food that is sold in-store. Put simply, cashiers will be reassigned rather than laid off.

Amazon Go skeptics raise a few concerns regarding privacy and the loss of jobs. The fact that there is a camera tracking your every movement at all times while you’re shopping can be a bit uncomfortable. They’re also afraid that this will endanger the jobs of 3.5 million cashiers working in the US, many of whom are not highly educated or skilled. Sure, lower-skilled jobs such as cashiers might be replaced by higher-skilled jobs like optical engineers to manage the cameras in the store, but many people don’t have the means/capacity to be an optical engineer or software developer.

At least it won't be another FBI leak



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