A (Memo)rable Day 📝

Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Community

Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Community

What’s the deal?
The House Intelligence Committee voted to publicly release a classified memo dubbed the “Nunes memo” after Devin Nunes, the head honcho of the Intelligence Committee. House speaker Paul Ryan came out in support of the vote and went ‘Hell yeah!’. Democrats went ‘Hell no!’.

What's the Nunes memo?
Basically, the memo alleges that the intelligence community, specifically the FBI, abused their powers during the ongoing Russia investigation. More specifically, it alleges there was bias against Trump and that a Trump associate's civil liberties were violated after being under surveillance using a questionable process.

The right believe releasing the memo gives Americans the transparency they deserve. Their argument is that this is a part of Congress’ responsibility to oversee the executive branch. They think this will help the FBI change their behavior and be held responsible for their actions. They also point to an official review of the memo by FBI officials, where no “factual inaccuracies” were found.


The left thinks the memo contains many inaccuracies and is unreliable, claiming Republicans cherry-picked information to make the memo seem more damning than it actually is. They label this as just another attempt to hinder the Russia investigation. They also don’t think Republicans are doing an adequate job of making sure nothing is inadvertently left in the memo that could harm national interests. To top it off, they think it’s ridiculous to claim the FBI is biased against Trump after it basically cost Clinton the election due to the FBI investigation into her emails.

Declassified or nah?
This vote doesn’t guarantee the memo will be declassified and released. The president has 5 days and the final say to determine whether or not he wants to make it public. But let’s be honest, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where he doesn’t release it. If released, it will help Trump in his narrative that the Russian investigation is a witch hunt. Look to see if he uses this as an opportunity to discredit the investigation. If he does, expect a lot of pushback from Democrats.


At least it won't be another FBI leak

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