Retire to Cali baby ☀️ 😎


The Scoop The House of Representatives just lost a Congressman from California - Darrell Issa - who was an outspoken Republican. Issa is one of 30Grand Old Party members to retire in the past few months, and opening the door for Democrats to grab another seat in a tightly contested district between LA and San Diego.

Why So Many Retirees? It appears to be a “strategic retirement” technique politicians are using when re-election seems less promising. Issa won his district by less than 1% in the last election. There's also a direct correlation between retiring GOP members and districts with low Trump approval ratings. 

The right says Issa’s retirement actually has benefits for the GOP too. While Democrat candidates fight with each other in the 49th district election, Republicans can unite and win other districts.

The left spins Issa’s retirement as a “big pick-up opportunity”, and focus on beating GOP members. They call the Republicans the ‘retirement party’, given their mass exodus from the House allowing Democrats to potentially fill their seats. Dem nerds on “the hill” are getting excited!

Who's benefiting?
Republicans benefit since Democrats are distracted with California’s general election. Democrats benefit since Republicans have cleared the way for them to pick up influential seats in the House. Dems only need 24 seats to flip the majority in the House, so the midterm elections will be something to watch carefully. Don't forget your popcorn.



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