Searching For Discrimination 💻


WHAT: Google and Twitter came under fire yesterday for potential discrimination against conservatives. Two former Google engineers filed a lawsuit claiming that conservatives are singled out and mistreated. One of them, James Damore, was fired after sharing a now famous memo that criticized Google for pushing diversity. Later the same day, Charles C. Johnson, a conservative journalist, sued Twitter for similar charges, saying the suspension of his account was intended to subdue his conservative voice on Twitter.

BACKGROUND: The suit against Google is one of many recent legal complaints. In September 2017, three women filed against Google for gender bias. Last week, they filed again with a new member, saying Google broke California law by asking about previous job salary. This came after a three year investigation into Google’s pay procedures, started by the Labor Department, which looked into unequal pay between women and men at Google.

The right points to previous allegations against Google that put them under suspicion for gender and politically biased hiring. They also have screenshots of emails from Google employees that appear to be harassing Damore because of his political opinions. For the suit against Twitter, right-wingers note that Johnson did not break the user agreement in his last Tweet, because while he used the words “take out Deray Mckesson”, which appear to indicate violence, the intent behind them is supposedly to get Mckesson taken out of her position of authority..

The left claims these lawsuits are overblown to gain publicity for right-wingers. They point out that Twitter has the right to block whoever they want. Twitter mentioned that Charles C. Johnson is only one of many conservatives who uses their platform, and they disabled his account for valid charges stated in their user agreement. The left is also critical of James Damore’s lawsuit, noting that California is an “at will” state and Google is within their rights to fire Damore for any reason.

Is there discrimination? 
These allegations come right after the “Unite the Right” rally, which may be what sparked this lawsuit storm. While there is some truth to Damore’s claims of discrimination at Google, specifically in the emails from his co-workers, many of his claims are unsupported. His assertion that Google sabotages the careers of white males seems out of line since the company has 69% male employees, and 56% white employees. Charles C. Johnson’s claims are even more shaky. Twitter had previously suspended his account over other offenses, making it difficult to assert that he was only suspended because Twitter is silencing his conservative voice.


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