It’s Not Always Black And White ☯️


The scoop: On MLK day Trump was accused of being ‘racist’ when he showed little support for The King, in contrast with other presidents who did volunteer service or went to MLK memorials. Instead, Trump spent much of the day golfing in Florida. He did post a tweet in memory of King saying that MLK’s dream is “etched into the hearts of our people”, and the Trump administration held a wreath-laying ceremony at the MLK Jr. Memorial in Washington.

Racist? Trump’s actions on MLK day did not do him any favors with those who call him racist. Trump told the press that he is not ‘a racist’ on Sunday, when they questioned him after his inflammatory comments regarding Haiti and other African countries.

The right focuses on the Trump administration’s words honoring MLK at a ceremony in Washington. They also highlight a video in which Trump signs an MLK proclamation and speaks about the importance of MLK’s dream, and how it binds us together as a nation, and is stitched into the fabric of America. Mmmm, can’t go wrong with sewing analogies.

The left focuses on Trump’s recent slam on African nations, and on his apparent disregard for the national holiday that celebrates black liberation and equality. They hit hard on the fact that he went golfing, his 95th day golfing post election, since Trump was a huge critic of Obama’s golfing habits. All in all, the left seems teed off about racism.

How did Trump handle the holiday?
Trump sent out a very nice tweet honoring Martin Luther King, and he signed a proclamation for MLK day where he seemed sincere about respecting all that the powerful civil rights activist did for our nation. However, by not volunteering or taking other action on MLK day, he did nothing to alleviate the tension with African Americans who are upset over his comments on African countries. By golfing during an important holiday for racial equality, he dug himself deeper into a hole, no pun intended.



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