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America's Harvest Box
Trump recently proposed replacing a part of America’s food stamp program with a Blue Apron- style monthly food box called ‘America’s Harvest Box’. The content of these boxes would be picked by the government, with the aim of providing “more nutritious” food than what welfare recipients are currently purchasing.

The boxes will include non-perishable food items and replace about half of the existing monthly food stamp benefits. Funding will come from the existing food stamp program (SNAP). The administration believes they will save ~$129 billion over 10 years by replacing part of SNAP with America’s Harvest Box.

Americans on food stamps will have less options for food selection. Other complications include dealing with dietary restrictions and people not understanding how to make the food in the boxes! We can’t all be Chef Gordon.

The right sees this as a “bold” and “innovative” way to cut costs from the SNAP program. They discuss how America’s Harvest Box will support American farmers by using produce and ingredients made in the US. In addition, the White House said that the new boxes will cut down on EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card fraud.

The left spins this as a “radical” and “risky” big government move that will limit options for SNAP recipients. WaPo called the program “costly” and “inefficient”, noting that tax dollars will be used to mail food to every SNAP recipient. The left also believes this discourages self sufficiency and that it restricts freedom of nutritional judgement.

Saving money or hurting the poor? 
America’s Harvest Box will save the government money, but it will do so by limiting the options and freedoms of those on food stamps. SNAP has been running for decades and changing it could either go very well or horribly wrong. Do the positive benefits of cutting costs and using local produce outweigh the loss of autonomy for food stamp recipients? Ponder and think. 🤔


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