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Jeff in the hot seat 🔥💺
Attorney General Jeff Sessions came under fire on Monday after delivering a speech to the National Sheriffs' Association that some thought was 'racist'. Towards the end of his speech, Sessions said, "The office of sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement." 

Commence meltdown
The internet and some reporters freaked out and dubbed the comments racist, saying Sessions was making a link between law enforcement and white supremacy. The DoJ clarified by noting that Sessions was referring to the English common law system off which the American law system is based.

Supporters believe Sessions was being technical, not racist, when he used the term 'Anglo-American'. They note that 'Anglo-American law' is synonymous with English 'common law' - something any lawyer would agree with. Sessions was simply referring to how the concept of a sheriff is unique to the shared legal heritage between the US and England. Supporters also note that Obama and one of his appointees have cited the 'Anglo-American' legal system in the past to no controversy.

Critics spin Sessions' comments as inherently racist. They point to his background of racist commentary and note that this comment is simply another example of his racist ideologies. By tying law enforcement to 'Anglo-American' heritage, they believe Sessions is implying that white/European/Christian individuals should continue to take charge of law enforcement.

Was Sessions being racist?
In this specific case, probably not. Sessions has decades of legal experience and was simply making a reference to where the American legal system originates from. However, for a man that has been accused of repeated racist remarks in his past, it is fair for his critics to think this was another addition to his list of such disparaging remarks. 


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