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Who: Peter Strzok is an FBI special agent who was recently fired because he sent politically charged texts while still participating in an investigation on Russia/Trump. He sent these messages to a fellow employee named Lisa Page, whom he had an affair with. The two exchanged texts and emails during the 2016 presidential election, and on into 2017.

The drama : Last month the FBI released hundreds of these texts and emails between Strzok and Page, totaling 384 pages. However, a chairman on the Senate Homeland Security Committee discovered a five month gap in the correspondences, and wrote a letter to the FBI director asking for them to be released. The five month gap is during a critical portion of the Russia/Trump investigation. The FBI responded that these messages had been corrupted due to technical errors in their data storage system.

What’s in the non-corrupted texts? In the texts, Page and Strzok were discussing Attorney General Loretta Lynch withdrawing herself from the Clinton investigation. They noted that, “[Lynch] knows charges won’t be brought”, indicating that the AG already knew the trial outcome. In addition, after Strzok found out that the presidential race would be between Clinton and Trump, he sent Page a message saying that the pressure was on to finish the Clinton email investigation. This implies that Strzok needed to wrap up loose ends with Hillary’s email case so she could be a viable candidate, suggesting further political bias. 

The right says these texts prove the Mueller probe is politically biased. One member of a congressional committee that is reading these texts said that it was ‘outrageous’ for the FBI to not indicate the 5 month gap. They also say that the FBI could be charged with ‘obstruction of justice’ or ‘destruction of evidence’, and that the FBI has an obligation to the American people to prove that they are not guilty of these charges. As for the texts that have been released, the right hones in on Page’s text which said that Lynch knew Hillary wouldn’t be convicted.

The left has been remarkably quiet about the whole subject. The few articles that have been published focus on the FBI’s innocence regarding their system’s “technical difficulties”. They also berate Trump for making accusations regarding Strzok and Page over Twitter before allowing the case to work through the criminal justice system, saying that conservatives are eager to “jump to conclusions”.

Sneaky cover up or tech error?
Technical errors happen and it is legitimate for the FBI to say that their system malfunctioned. However, the time period of the messages deleted is very specific, and the messages could contain vital information to the case, making it suspicious that they were conveniently corrupted during the investigation. The FBI also made no effort to acknowledge the five month gap in the messages. They didn’t say a word until someone wrote them a letter asking that they release it.



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