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Olympics drama
The winter olympics have officially kicked off in PyeongChang, South Korea and Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, is getting all of the attention. CNNdescribed her visit to the Olympics as a ‘diplomatic dance’, that sends a ‘warm message’.The NY Times said she ‘outflanked’ Pence in the ‘diplomatic image-making’ game. Both articles fail to mention that Kim Yo Jong is a major part of North Korea’s oppressive regime. 

The response
You had to see this coming. The articles are facing backlash from other mediaoutlets, critics and the general public, who criticize the pieces as propaganda. Despite the public outrage, CNN and NYT have kept the articles up.

The left sees Kim Yo Jong’s diplomacy at the Olympics as a step toward peace negotiations for Korea. They call her the “gatekeeper” to Kim Jong Un and one of the most “influential” people in NK’s government. The left also says Kim Jong Un is North Korea’s Ivanka Trump and a testament to how North Korea has changed.

The right spins this as left-wing media brownnosing. They point out that Kim Yo Jong is deputy director of the "Propaganda and Agitation Department" for North Korea. The right says that no matter how diplomatically eloquent Kim has been at the Olympics, it doesn’t change the fact that she lives an opulent lifestyle at the expense of citizens enduring subjugation and starvation.

Is Kim Yo Jong worthy of praise? 
She is a leader in a regime with concentration camps the size of Los Angeles. The government she helps run is known for regularly torturing and killing political enemies. At the Olympics, she appeared to be amenable to peace negotiations and acted as a skilled diplomatic emissary for her country, which gave many hope for the future. But can we really praise her when she’s been part of so many people’s suffering? 

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