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Story time with Nancy
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi gave an eight hour speech yesterday on DACA. That's a new record for the longest speech ever given in the House! She had Democrats send in hundreds of stories from “Dreamers”, children of illegal immigrants who were brought to the US at a young age. Nancy read all the stories and advocated for action on DACA and “Dreamer” rights. The best part - the 77 year old Congresswoman did all of this in four-inch heels. Stamina.

What’s going on with Dreamers? 
Trump suspended the DACA program that protected “Dreamers” in September of 2017, allotting Congress six months to find a replacement (with a March 5thdeadline). Democrats were hoping to find a solution for DACA and incorporate it in the spending bill for 2018 but have not yet managed to reach an agreement. Dems have been criticized for this, with many saying that Dems didn’t use their leverage to force Republicans into a deal.

The right is outraged that Pelosi ‘thanked illegal immigrants’ for ‘breaking the law’ to enter the US, especially after she ‘demanded’ a vote on immigration, after House Speaker Ryan already promised negotiations. During her speech, Pelosi said, “Thank you for bringing these Dreamers to America. We’re in your debt for the courage it took … for you to take the risk to do so.” The right also points out that Democrats failed to pass any legislation on immigration while Pelosi was the House Speaker from 2009-2011, making her rebuttals of Republican inaction on DACA this year a sharp contrast to the ineffectuality of the House during her own term as speaker.

The left praises Pelosi for her ‘stamina and strength’ in advocating the cause of “Dreamers”. At 77, this 8 hour marathon speech is an impressive feat. They see this as a testament to the left’s passion regarding DACA and “Dreamers”, and Pelosi’s willingness to push Democrats into action. They agree with Pelosi that illegal immigrants are “brave”.

Should we be 'thanking' illegal immigrants? 
Illegal immigrants may have been “brave” to sneak into the US, perhaps hoping for a better life for their children, but they still committed an illegal act. How can a member of the House, the branch of government tasked with writing and revising the law, praise those who deliberately set out to break it? Does it send the wrong signal? Pelosi used her 8 hour speech to discuss the morals of kicking out ‘innocent’ dreamers, but what about her support for parents whose moral ambiguity led them to break US law and live here illegally? Questions to consider.

Nancy At Age 20

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