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Retired or forced out?
Andrew McCabe, the FBI Deputy Director, just stepped down from his position, using vacation days until he can retire with full benefits. He has been accused of being politically biased, with Trump regularly criticizing his actions via Twitter. The WH said that while Trump stands by his comments on McCabe, he didn’t have a hand in the “decision making process” of McCabe leaving. Some think that McCabe was forced to leave without cause, while others see this as a purging of bias.

Twitter time travel
Over Twitter, Trump has accused McCabe of a number of things. Namely, he has said that McCabe’s wife Jill was accepting money ($675,000 in donations) for her Virginia Senate campaign from a source linked to Hillary Clinton, and that McCabe used his FBI official email to promote this campaign. Trump claimed all of this was going on during McCabe’s involvement in the Hillary email investigation, which would make the investigation’s neutral standpoint questionable. 

The right is focusing on McCabe’s alleged connection to Hillary Clinton, and his potential political bias. They also speculate about a Republican memo that implicates McCabe in a surveillance abuse accusation, pointing out that it’s coincidental McCabe is leaving shortly after the FBI director reviewed the memo. The right sees McCabe’s forced resignation as a sign that Trump’s accusations were right, and that the FBI should be examined further.


The left says McCabe was let go unfairly, because of Trump’s criticism and Twitter “attacks”. They look at the pressure that Trump put on Wray, director of the FBI, to fire both McCabe and several other FBI employees early last week, saying that although the WH claims to not have had any part in McCabe’s forced retirement, there is evidence that they influenced it. The articles on the left quote Eric Holder, a part of the former Obama administration, who praises McCabe as a “dedicated public servant” and said that “bogus” attacks on the FBI do unnecessary damage.

Was Trump right to call McCabe out?
Trump may have overstepped his bounds by pushing for McCabe to be fired, but he brought up several good points that may not have been addressed in the media. The link between McCabe and a memo with information about FBI security abuse is very relevant. However, Trump’s claim that McCabe was looking into Hillary while his wife was being funded by Hillary’s friend is not true. His wife ran for office several months before McCabe was put on the Clinton probe. This casts doubt on all the information the president tweeted about McCabe, and should spark questions about why the president would misrepresent these facts.

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