Trump Supporters Across The Pond 🎩


The SkinnyOver the weekend, Trump and Brexit supporters in the UK tried to arrest Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, while he was giving a speech. The demonstration was attributed to outrage over a tweet Khan had posted, in which he stated that Trump was ‘not welcome’ in London, and that Trump had ‘finally got the message’ after the president’s trip to London was canceled.

Aftermath: Police came and escorted the protesters out of the building while they were mocked by the crowd. Sadiq Khan reportedly read a newspaper until the police biggie. After they left, Khan resumed his speech and said he was still happy to be there even though the conference was briefly halted by ‘what some would call very stable geniuses’, a jab at a tweet by Trump proclaiming himself “a very stable genius”. 

The right focuses on Sadiq Khan’s verbal critique of the Trump supporters and on his tweet which sparked the outrage from Trump supporters. They also highlight the fact that the protesters were very mild and said they wanted a non-violent and peaceful citizen’s arrest, and didn’t get aggressive when the police showed up.



The left goes for an anti-Islamic angle, pointing out that the Trump supporters told the police they didn’t want Khan in office because he is Muslim. Coverage on the left goes into detail on the homemade gallows the protesters rolled in which said ‘take back control’. The left also advocates that Khan’s tweet about Trump being unwelcome in London is justified, because Trump wrote several negative tweets about London, one of which says Khan is “pathetic”.

Rejection over a tweet?
The Trump supporters should not have tried to arrest London's mayor for insulting the president. It’s the job of law enforcement officers to arrest, and only when there are legally solid charges. In the protesters’ attempt to protect the president’s dignity, they made the situation between London and Trump worse. In addition, although the president may have tweeted negative comments about London and Khan first, Khan fired back with equally negative comments about Trump. Should world leaders, whom many look to for guidance and direction, really be having disagreements over Twitter? A question to ponder.


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