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Time to talk budgeting
Trump pulled back the curtains on his latest $4 trillion budget proposal for 2019. Part of the proposal includes funding for the border wall, increases in military spending and cutting back on many domestic spending programs such as student loans and the EPA.

More debt
In all, Trump's budget would add close to $1 trillion to the federal deficit next year and $7 trillion to the deficit over the next decade.

The right believes all this money will be well spent toward on improving the country and driving the economy forward. Responding to the left, Trump highlighted how he feels the US has wastefully spent $7 trillion in the Middle East under previous administrations. The right also points to increases in funding for important issues such as opioid addiction treatments, and of course, $200 billion toward rebuilding crumbling infrastructure in the US, a yuuge priority for Trump since the very beginning.

The left sees this budget proposal as an economic disaster. They criticize Trump for wanting to add to the existing federal deficit of $20 trillion. They call him out on breaking his campaign promise of maintaining a balanced budget. The left also views the deep cuts to assistance programs, such as food stamps, as an attack on the poor and a continuation of the recent tax bill, which disproportionately benefits the rich. 

Big budget, big deal?
It’s worth pointing out that Congress likely won't take this budget proposal seriously. Federal budget proposals are treated as guidance for what the President’s priorities are. Congress will ultimately decide on the size and allocation of the budget. This does, however, show that Trump is turning his attention to improving infrastructure. Expect continued marketing from Team Trump on roads and bridges.


What Dems think of Trump's budget proposal

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