Jerusalem Wars: A New Hope ⭐🌠


We're not in Kansas anymore

The U.S. Embassy is officially packing up in Tel Aviv and opening up shop in Jerusalem on May 14th, with mixed reactions. Some think this will lead to increased violence as Jerusalem is still a disputed territory between Israel and Palestine. Both nations see it as their capital. Others see the move as a worthwhile investment because it shows that the U.S. stands in solidarity with Israel and acknowledges them as a free nation with Jerusalem as the capital.

Why now?

The embassy move is happening in a year that happens to coincide with Israel’s 70th birthday as an independent nation. Trump took advantage of the opportunity that was presented to the U.S. to not only show support for Israel but also give them a ‘birthday gift’ of sorts.

Against The Move:

WAFA: Palestinians insist opening US embassy in Jerusalem a violation of international law

The Guardian: Israel fears ‘explosion of violence’ as USprepares to open embassy in Jerusalem

Those who are against the move say that this move is ‘no cause for celebration’ because Israel and Palestine are still not at peace. They talk about how Palestine calls this a “grave violation” of international law, and quote Saeb Ereket, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization, who says this sends an ‘ominous message’ to the Palestinians that the U.S. no longer respects the peace agreements between Israel and Palestine. They worry about Palestine’s retaliation.

Supporting The Move:

Jerusalem Online: Jerusalem welcomes US embassy signs

The Times Of Israel: Liberman says Israel will pay ‘a price’ for US embassy move, but it’s worth it

Those who support the move view it as a “historic, important, and dramatic” moment for Israel that is a cause for celebration. They talk about how the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, personally thanked Trump, posting on Twitter that it was Trump’s work that made “this historic moment come to fruition.” Those in support acknowledge that there may be repercussions across the Middle East, but that any ‘price’ they pay will be worth it.

Does Trump know what he’s doing??

With passive-aggressive threats from Palestine at both the U.S. and Israel, President Trump may be treading treacherous waters. So why did he risk the Palestinian wrath? Trump says he is simply following through on America’s unfulfilled promises to acknowledge Israel’s claim on Jerusalem. In Trump’s view, he is taking a step that other presidents have not been brave enough to take. Trump has given some consideration to the Palestinians by leaving the door open for a ‘Palestinian presence’ in Jerusalem and said that Jerusalem will still ‘remain subject to negotiations.’

Trump brokering deals




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