First Day of the 116th Congress 💼

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Win McNamee / Getty Images

History is made

Democrats officially gained control of the House of Representatives yesterday. The newly sworn-in freshman class is a historical one. A record number of women were elected this cycle, including Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, the first ever Somali-American member of Congress who also happens to be a refugee.

Pelosi holds the gavel once again

The new Democratic majority will be lead by long-time party leader, Nancy Pelosi. Although Pelosi emerged victorious, 15 Democrats either voted for other leaders or voted “present.” Despite this slight setback, Pelosi delivered a defiant acceptance speech, quoting Ronald Reagan in her vow to protect Dreamers.


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The left sees the new Democratic majority and Pelosi’s leadership as a triumphant and solid turning point in Trump’s presidency. They focus on the fact that Trump has yet to face a challenge like this, using phrases like “[Democrats] will make Trump’s life a living hell” and “help has arrived!” to describe yesterday’s events.


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The right does not hesitate to point out the challenges Pelosi faces from within her own party. They specifically highlight the refusal of several Democrats to vote for her. In addition, the right mentions representatives such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushing back against Pelosi’s proposed House rules before she was even appointed.

Trumpy consequences 

Although the new Democratic majority has been officially sworn-in for less than 24 hours, there is already talk of impeachment plans. On the “Today” show, Pelosi suggested that it could be possible for a sitting president to be indicted, stressing that she wants the subject to remain an “open discussion.”

Nancy: I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but...



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