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News Bling Diplomats 🎩


Who are News Bling Diplomats? 🧐

News Bling Diplomats are an exclusive network of ambitious, informed, and passionate college students and young professionals who want to think freely rather than being told what to think by the media.

Diplomats are passionate about news, politics, media bias, culture, their careers, etc.

They help grow News Bling’s mission of getting people out of their political bubble.

What do I do? 🤔

Share News Bling with your friends, family, community, campus, clubs, randos, etc. We’ll provide you with a custom referral link so you get credit for new subscribers.

You also get to rep News Bling gear, give us feedback and help us improve our newsletter + future products.

What’s in it for me? 👕

First off, Diplomats get swag! Laptop stickers, t-shirts, mugs, hats, sweatshirts - we’ve got it all.

Second, Diplomats get to join our private Facebook group where they can connect and network with each other. Here, we’re also discussing the latest news and monitoring media bias live with those who are most passionate.

Third, you’ll have the opportunity to apply and become your ‘Campus Diplomat’ and work closely with the News Bling team.

Other perks include early access to new launches, exclusive content, and an inside look at how News Bling works.

OK I’m in! 🙋

Excellent. Use your custom referral link to sign up 10 people to News Bling and you’re officially a Diplomat. Click here to get your link.

Need help? 🚨

Check out our Diplomat’s Guide to sharing News Bling.

You can head to at any time to check your referral status.